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How to use a set of standards from the Pango library

Track and create curriculum standards

Once you've found a set of standards either from browsing Home or from searching, you can start using it in your lessons.

How to create and use custom standards.

Assigning standards to a class

  • Click Assign to Class on the standard you wish to use

  • Choose the class(es) that you want to apply the standard to

  • The standard will then be available to use from all lessons in that class

Using standards in a lesson

  • From a lesson click Choose from the Standards and Curriculum Objectives section of the lesson.

    • If you have already assigned the standard to the class you are in, select that standard from the drop down

    • If you have not assigned the standards to the class you are in, click Search standards and find the standard you would like to use

  • Once you've assigned the standard to a class, you can add individual objectives to your lessons

    • Click Choose from the Standards and Curriculum Objectives section of the lesson

    • Click the tick-box next to each individual standard objective you would like to apply to the lesson you are in

    • The number in the green circle indicates how many lessons you have used that standard or curriculum objective in

Pro users are able to track their curriculum coverage using Insights to see what percentage of the standard or curriculum they have covered in lessons so far and in which lessons they covered each standard objective.