Currently the only schemes of work available are White Rose and Max Maths for Primary Maths. We intend to add to this in the future.

To use a scheme of work

  • Click the "Assign to class" button on the scheme
  • Choose the class you want to add the scheme to

All the units and lessons in the scheme will be added to that class which you can see in the planner tab. You can customise and edit these in the same way as any other units and lessons that you have created yourself.  

If you wish to remove the scheme of work from your planner, you can do this in the workspace. Find the scheme or work in "My Library" and click the "Assign to class" button. When you deselect the class, the units and lessons that make up the scheme of work will be removed from your planner. Note that this will also remove any lessons that you added to units that are part of a scheme of work, even if the lesson itsefl wasn't part of the scheme.


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