Pango provide some common sets of standards, such as national curriculum and those provided by popular exam boards. However you aren't limited to only using those, and you can easily create your own set of standards to use within your school or team or just for yourself

Creating a new set of standards

  • Navigate to the "My Library" tab and choose the Standards card

  • Click the "Create" button

  •  Follow the instructions to give your standard a name and choose which classes you will be using the standard with

You can now customise the Groups and objectives of your standard set. 

Using standards in a lesson

The first thing to do is to make sure that the standard has been "Assigned" to the class that you want to use it with. This can be done in "My Library", by finding your standard and clicking the "Assign to Class" button. 

Once you've assigned the standard to a class, you can use the objectives in the standard in your lesson.

In the top right of each lesson, you can see the Standards and Curriculum Objectives box. Click the "Choose" button and you should see the standards that are assigned to this class. 

Clicking on an objective will add it to this lesson.

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