Once you have a team set up, there are two ways that you can share and collaborate with team members in Pango

1) Collaborating on Lessons

In the planner, you can collaborate on a unit. By making a unit shared, everyone in the team will get a shared copy of the unit and all the lessons in that unit. Any new lesson added to the unit will be visible to everyone in the team. This includes any resources that have been added to the lesson. 

Each teacher in the team can take a copy of any lesson in a shared unit to make tweaks or changes to it for their class. Once multiple teachers have taken copies of the lesson in order to edit them, all the teachers in the team can view the versions made by each team member. 

2) Sharing content in "My Library"

In "My Library", you can share content such as Resources, Standards and Templates. This makes this content available for other teachers to use but doesn't automatically enable the same collaboration features as sharing a unit via the planner.

Sharing Content via "My Library", makes it visible in the team or school Library that you've shared it with. Other teachers in the team can then find the content and use it if they choose.


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