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Adding Resources to your Lessons

Keep your resources organised by adding them directly to your lesson plan

Adding resources from Pango
  • Wherever you see a resource in Pango, just click the pink Add to Lesson button.

  • You will then be taken to the lesson plan where you can choose which section of the lesson you’d like to add the resource to.

  • Click on one of the sections to add the resource to that lesson.

Adding your own resources

  • From any lesson plan, click the pink paperclip (Attach Resource) button, next to Find a resource

  • Choose Add Link to insert a web link (e.g. a Youtube video)

  • Choose Upload Resource to attach a file from your computer

  • Enter the name of the resource

  • Select the type of resource from the dropdown

  • Either click the box and select the file, or drag and drop the file onto the box to upload

  • Click Save

  • You will also be able to find this resource in My Library in the future.

  • The resource will appear next to the notes of your lesson. You can remove it from this lesson by clicking the cross to the right of the resource's name.